DC Ventilation

DC Powered Venturi Exhaust Fan

These fans have a 3-wing polypropylene fiberglass blade mounted in a square injection molded fiberglass venturi frame for easy mounting and long life.  The high-efficiency DC motor has a 5000-hour life at 32 VDC and longer at lower voltages.  This new design makes them quiet while moving more air with less power. They can be used on existing battery systems or with other module combinations with up to 40 VDC open circuit voltage.

Fan Sizes

12 VDC
18VDC 24 VDC
30 VDC

Amps CFM Amps CFM Amps CFM Amps CFM
16″ Snap-Fan 0.98 980 1.73 1380 2.6 1720 3.44 2030
20″ Snap-Fan 1.47 1600 2.67 2200 4.13 2800 5.51 3300
24″ Snap-Fan 1.82 1900 3.32 2800 5.07 3500 8.21 4200
28″ Snap-Fan 4.90 2670 15.7 6280 12.8 4830 17.4 5720


12 and 16 inch blades, 12 or 24 volt

DC powered fans operate from battery, or solar direct. Moves large volumes of air to vent home, greenhouse, or run a food dryer. Powered from a small solar module it starts and stops with the sun for greenhouse vents.  For 12 volt setup, use our Solar PV 20 watt panel for 16″ fan blade model, or the Solar PV 10 watt module for 12″ fan blade model. A linear current booster will improve operating hours when direct solar powered.

12V Freedom Fans

The two-speed Freedom Fan is quiet and efficient.  Made in the USA, these rugged fans provide a refreshing breeze anywhere you have  12 volt power.  Place it on the floor, or a table and tilt to any angle, or mount it on the wall.

Model 124 uses only 1.25 amps at low speed and 3 amps at high speed.  It has a 12″ fan blade protected by a durable plastic housing.  C version has battery clips and P version has a cigarette lighter plug.

Model 302 has a PWM speed control and draws 4 amps at the highest setting.  It has a 20″ fan blade and a cigarette lighter plug and comes with an adapter for direct connection to battery terminals.



These thermostats can switch up to 22 amps at 120 VAC and they work fine for up to 10 amps at 12 or 24 VDC.  Use them with DC fans to turn the fans on or off as temperature changes.  They mount in a standard 2″x4″ electrical box.  The attic fan thermostat has single pole contacts that close (turn fan on) as temperature rises. Its adjustment range is 90 – 130 degrees Fahrenheit. When the thermostat reaches the turn on temperature, it must fall by 15 degree Fahrenheit before it will turn off.  The heat/cool thermostat has double throw contacts, so it can be used to turn a fan on as the temperature rises or as it falls, depending on how it is wired.  It’s range is 50 – 90 degree Fahrenheit with a differential of 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flexcharge Timer

The Flexcharge digital timer is a 7-day, 8-event digital clock based programmable load controller.  Eight ON and eight OFF events can be programmed independently, each with its own unique timing pattern.  For example: Use one ON event to turn a light on at  7pm every day, then use seven OFF events to turn the light off at a different time each day.  The replaceable internal battery maintains the clock and programmed memory in the event of a system power failure for up to 3 months.  It consumes less then 3mA in standby mode. Internal DPST (double-pole-single-throw) relay switch can turn one load on at the same time it turns another load off.  Timer switch can handle up to 8 amps of inductive load or up to 16 amps of resistive load at 6-36 VDC or 120 VAC.  The timer is reverse polarity protected and runs off 12 volts AC to turn the load ON or OFF as desired.  Easy to use terminal block for wiring.  Dry contacts. Dimensions: 3.9″Wx3.8″Hx2″D.